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Kathleen Romeiro, LCSW has been a long time psychotherapist in Fresno County providing therapy to infants/ the perinatal population, children, teens, adults and families for over 20 years.  Kathleen uses a relationship-based therapy approach to help you create a life centered on joy and peace.  Kathleen works at your pace, using humor and genuine curiosity to understand your beliefs, values, and goals.  Healing comes through connection, so join me in my office, where none of us is perfect, to be honest and messy together. 


YOU deserve the life you want!  So many people go through life surviving and not living when trying to balance children, partners, school and work.  You may be overwhelmed if you are facing a transition or difficult situation.  Sometimes the coping skills that previously helped you be successful seem to have stopped working, or worse, have actually started to work against you.  When this happens, you may feel worried, irritable, or get poor quality of sleep.  Other times, you may feel like you have less energy, do not enjoy things the way you used to, want to spend more time alone, or feel sad.  Perhaps,  you are struggling with guilt and shame, but do not feel you can talk about this with your own friends and family.  Therapy is very effective in reducing anxiety, depression, and interpersonal problems and increasing the positive qualities in life.  


I CAN help!  I have been licensed to practice therapy in California as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since December, 2000.  I received my BA in Psychology and Social Behavior from UC Irvine in 1995 and my MSW, Concentration in Mental Health, from University of Southern California in 1997.  I also have an additional 3 years of training at Alliant University post-Masters to specialize in working with perinatal issues and children from birth to 5.  I am endorsed by the California Center for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health as an Infant-Family and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist (I-FECMHS).   I believe my acute understanding of attachment in infants has been life changing in the therapy I do with adults, as the core of who we are and what we know about the world develops from age 0-5.  My current passion is building relationships with my adult clients to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and build coping and interpersonal skills.  Often times, current struggles with mood, self-esteem, and relationships are rooted in traumatic events we have experienced in the past.  Trauma not only looks like violence and abuse, but may also look like missed connections between young children and parents, broken hearts from difficult romantic relationships, and/ or social difficulties during our school years.  During treatment, I am always using a trauma informed lens, considering attachment, and incorporating interventions from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Internal Family Systems (IFS)/ parts work, narrative, and supportive therapies.  I also offer training and consultation to other professionals through supervision, Reflective Practice, and Continuing Education workshops.    


How DO people benefit from talk therapy?   Often times, one or a series of traumatic events may be at the root of our current struggles with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, shame, self-doubt, and problems with communication, trust, and intimacy.  We can't change the difficult situations of the past, but we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life.  By using an eclectic blend of evidenced based treatments, we will uncover long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from a more meaningful life.  You will have a safe place to tell all/ parts of your story, at your pace, and I will help you make meaning of the events of the story.  We will practice how to be in your mind and body in a way that feels safe, natural, and powerful.  


THIS is the time to reach out!  If you're looking for extra support or guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I would be honored to join you on your journey to wellness.   I offer a free 10 minute phone consultation to make sure we are a good fit.  Please call me directly at (559) 930-2057 to find out if I am currently accepting clients, have a waitlist, or am full.  I look forward to speaking with you! 

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